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Add: Industrial Development Zone,Cangzhou City,Hebei 061000,China
Tel:0086 317 5288870
Fax:0086 317 5503068
E-mail: info@hb-pipefit.com
Skype: hb-auda
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CANGZHOU WINLAND HARDWARE CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various valves , pipe fittings, valve parts and rubber gaskets in mainland of China.  
We have achieved ISO 9001 and CE certificate. We strictly control the whole enterprise according to the authentication request. All production process and the product performance conform to the requirement of PED 97/23/EC.
Our main products as:
Valves: stainless steel ball valves, flanged ball valves, y-strainers, check valves, globe valves
 Pipe fittings: stainless steel screwed pipe fittings, pipe nipples, butt-welding fittings and carbon steel fittings
Valve parts: stainless steel balls, stems, handles , gland
Gaskets: valve seats, o-ring, flange rubber pad, connector pad, clamp rubber pad
“High quality and best service” make us gained the recognition and support of the customers in abroad.
We sincerely hope to establish a good and long-term business cooperation with you, welcome you to contact us.

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